Battlemap 1 – Dirt Track

Battlemap 1 - Dirt TrackThis is a small, 10 square by 10 square battlemap, with 1 square being equivalent to 5′.

The battlemap depicts a section of muddy trail along which a horse and wagon would appear to have recently passed. In the upper left there are some small trees encroaching from a forest. To the right of the trail is higher ground and rocks, possibly suitable for an ambush.

The battlemap consists of four sections in PDF form that need printing out and assembling. Also included are the following jpegs of the battlemap:

  • 72 dpi with grid
  • 72 dpi without grid
  • 300 dpi with grid
  • 300 dpi without grid

Released: 6th January 2018 Size: 10×10

PDFs and Jpegs (Pay What You Want): DriveThruRPG, RPGNow, Wargame Vault