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Christmas in July Sale

944010 / Pixabay

The Christmas in July Sale is now live on RPGNow. Said to be the biggest sitewide sale of the year, 115 of our supplements have now got 25% off for around the next eleven days.

Take a look at the full list by clicking here.

Another Silver-Selling Supplement

100 Books to Find on an Occultist’s Bookshelf has just advanced from the Copper to the Silver sales level on DriveThruRPG.

This is the fourth supplement to achieve that level on that site.

Several more supplements look like they will achieve a best-selling sales level in the next few weeks.

More Stock Art

Ice Devil
Jacob E. Blackmon

As part of a project that has just been started in collaboration with The Rolemaster Blog, I’ve picked up another piece of stock art, an Ice Demon from Rogue Genius Games.

If there’s one problem with this piece, which is decent and quite inexpensive, it’s that it’s in a PDF rather than an image file, so the image needs extracting from the PDF, the background removing and the resolution increasing, the latter making it a lot smaller.

This is the first piece acquired for this project; I expect to get quite a few more pieces.

100 Creepy Things and Events to Encounter Outdoors Goes Copper

100 Creepy Things and Events to Encounter Outdoors has become the latest supplement to achieve a metal sales level on a OneBookShelf site. It has become the second supplement to reach the Copper level on RPGNow

This is as well as its Silver sales level on DriveThruRPG.

Tomes of Cthulhu Reaches Copper

Tomes of Cthulhu is the latest supplement to achieve a metal sales level on a OneBookShelf site, as it has just gone Copper on DriveThruRPG.

This is not the fastest to reach that level – 100 Books on Alchemy to Find on a Bookshelf gets that honour – but this is a much bigger supplement than that one.

Two Pieces of New Stock Art Purchased

Erkunae AlchemistI’ve picked up two new pieces of stock art from Purple Duck Games, who are having a sale currently.

One, the Erkunae Alchemist, is for a mostly-complete Pathfinder supplement that should be released in the next month. The second, a Jester, is for something that hasn’t really progressed beyond the idea stage as yet (EDIT: And has now been released).

GM’s Day Sale

944010 / Pixabay

The GM’s Day Sale has rolled around again on RPGNow, and 97 of our supplements are in it, with 30% of for just under twelve days. This includes all of our current best-selling supplements.

Click here to take a look at what’s on offer!

Another Product Reaches a Metal Sales Level

100 Items to Find in an Occultist’s Chambers is the latest of our supplements to reach a metal sales level on the OneBookShelf network. It has achieved Copper sales status on DriveThruRPG – a level it has been hovering just under for a bit.

Another Piece of Stock Art Purchased

Witch with Serpent
Image: Gary Dupuis

I’ve picked up another piece of stock art, Female Witch with Serpent from Purple Duck Games.

The art comes in three different types; line drawing, black and white and colour. It’s the colour one I’ll be using.

This is for an in-progress, although nowhere near complete, project. It is reduced quite a bit in Purple Duck Games’ Christmas sale, which is why I’ve picked it up well in advance of when it will be needed.

Completed the Set of Lord Zsezse Works’ Templates

Dwarven TalesLord Zsezse Works currently have a sale of a Christmas bundle of all of their excellent template sets, so I’ve picked up the seven sets I don’t currently own: Elves, Dwarven Tales, Vikings, Angels, Wood, Pirate and Dragons. Some come with backs, some don’t as yet.

Admittedly I don’t have a use for any of these at the moment, but it was a pretty good deal and uses may well crop up in the future.