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Twenty Things to Find at Easter

Alexas_Fotos / Pixabay

For an Easter-themed game, roll 1d20 on the following table to add some Easter-themed dressing.

  1. Basket (A woven wicker basket, perhaps decorated with such as bunnies and chicks)
  2. Bunnies (Plush toys or plain polystyrene ones for decorating)
  3. Chicks (A yellow fluffy chick, or perhaps a plain one made from such as polystyrene for decorating)
  4. Chocolate Easter Bunny (Probably hollow if large, down to solid smaller versions)
  5. Chocolate Easter Egg (From tiny, solid or filled individual eggs, to larger hollow ones, possibly filled with other candies)
  6. Chocolate Mould (In shapes such as bunnies, chicks and eggs, together with chocolate and icing for making eggs)
  7. Daffodils (Freshly cut real daffodils, or possibly artificial ones)
  8. Easter Cake (An iced fruit or sponge cake decorated with such as eggs, rabbits and bunnies)
  9. Easter Card (Greetings card with images such as eggs, chicks, bunnies or religious scenes)
  10. Egg Hunt Basket (Made from such as plastic, metal or wicker, with a handle, probably brightly coloured and may be bunny themed)
  11. Egg Hunt Sign (A colourful sign, some with ribbons for hanging, others on a stake, usually with an arrow and writing denoting the location of an Easter Egg Hunt)
  12. Fillable Eggs (Artificial hollow eggs, often plastic, that can be filled with such as small candies or sweets, in different colours)
  13. Floral Wreath (A decorative wreath with either real or artificial flowers)
  14. Hanging Eggs (Decorative eggs, made from things such as polystyrene or even china, in different colours, from plain to patterned, with a ribbon for hanging them up)
  15. Hot Cross Bun (Spiced sweet bun, typically made with raisins or currants but may be with orange-cranberry or apple-cinnamon, with a pastry cross on the top)
  16. Palm Cross (Small cross made from palm fronds, or perhaps a similar substitute)
  17. Palm Leaves (And branches, fresh and dried)
  18. Peeps (Coloured marshmallow candies in shapes such as bunnies and chicks)
  19. Simnel Cake (Fruit cake with almond paste or marzipan, decorated with eleven, or possibly twelve, marzipan balls)
  20. Twig Tree (Painted trees, usually white, made from a twigs, used for hanging Easter decorations on)

Melos, A Contribution to Aiorskoru

MelosThis is a quick promo for  Melos, A Contribution to Aiorskoru, produced by a fellow RPGer at

Melos is part of the Aioskoru OGL world started by Ken Wickham. Other content is also available for the setting from the latter currently. The supplement is essentially system-neutral, although it was based on some Rolemaster blog articles. The location itself can be dropped into other game worlds without too much trouble.

Melos is also available as Pay What You Want, so there’s nothing to lose in getting it.

Expanding the Adventures in Shadow World: Eidolon: City in the Sky

Shadow World: Eidolon: City in the SkyHere are some ideas for expanding the adventures in Shadow World: Eidolon: City in the Sky, the second edition of the Rolemaster supplement detailing the unusual city-state of Sel-kai and its flying counterpart, Eidolon, in the Shadow World setting.

The softcover print on demand version is now available, and both it and the hardcover version are currently discounted.

What Price Health

At the end of What Price Health, it could be that more morally flexible PCs might become enamoured of the money to be made in drug smuggling, and decide to go into it themselves, rather than merely acting as couriers.

This would require sourcing the drugs, shipping them in, and finding someone to sell them to. This has the potential to not only cause them problems with the law and the Redcapes, but also with the criminal cartels and gangs operating out of Sel-kai, especially those who already have their fingers in the drugs trade. It could require extensive travel away from Sel-kai, to regions where drugs are produced.

Perhaps a consequence of this moral flexibility bites them in the back in The Poppy Scourge, as they may have, directly or indirectly, supplied the drug that a friend of theirs has fallen victim to, as a personal involvement with a victim of drugs is suggested in Scene 2 of that adventure. They may even have become involved with the galek house itself.

Another possibility would be that their drug smuggling involves them with Telax Varikal of the Order of the Nine, who has become addicted to gort. This could also lead to involvement with the Unseen Eyes and the Alliance and the schemes of those organisations, as Varikal is involved with both groups.

Slave Trade

Overt actions by the PCs at the conclusion of this adventure to work against the slave trade may be quickly dangerous, but they could always take a more covert approach. Perhaps they could start spying on the slave ships, and tracking the members of House Dolnegan. They might see if they could disrupt the source of the slaves, or form an Underground Railroad to get slaves out of servitude.

The Clockwork Spiders

Perhaps as an added complication, the spiders could have stolen a small, valuable, magical piece of jewellery from someone powerful, and not terribly forgiving. This individual may also be after the maker of the spiders, but be more inclined to violent means.

Something in the Water

The PCs may not be the only people after the reward; there may be another party, similar to themselves, after it. Given the reward, this could lead to clashes between the two, which has the chance to send at least some of the players to jail, if they are caught. Alternatively, or perhaps in addition, one of the groups in the city, possibly one like the Unseen Eyes, is hunting the creature themselves, but to get control of it for their own nefarious purposes, not to kill it.


As an alternative, maybe the illness isn’t the sweats, but something that appears similar. Maybe someone has been poking around in some ruins (say, in Thanor) and released an ancient disease that is rather more difficult to cure. This may have been the PCs themselves, and maybe they are carriers, like Typhoid Mary, but are not actually affected. This could be much more difficult to cure.

Another alternative would be that the disease has been deliberately released, and some group is spreading it to cause problems, and perhaps the disease itself has been tampered with as well, to make it more of a problem. This could be the sort of action the Alliance or the Lankan Empire would do, in order to destabilise Sel-kai.

More Adventure Ideas

Both the Alliance and Voriig Kye would like to gain control of Sel-kai. Perhaps the PCs could become involved in a proxy conflict between the two parties. To make the mess bigger, the Lankan Empire, Námar-Tol or other members of the Jerak Ahrenreth could also get involved.

100 Creepy Things and Events to Find in a Spooky House II Sample

100 Creepy Things and Events to Find in a Spooky House IIDuring the research to create 100 Creepy Things and Events to Encounter Outdoors, enough ideas were created to make a sequel to 100 Creepy Things and Events to Find in a Spooky House titled, fairly logically, 100 Creepy Things and Events to Find in a Spooky House II. Like the first of these, this concentrates on creepy encounters and items to find inside a house. This is a sample result from the upcoming supplement.

Door – This door is continually found open when a player comes back to it, although it’s never actually seen to open. No matter what is done to stop it opening, whether it is locked, barred, bolted or wedged shut, whenever it is returned to it has opened once again, unlocked, with anything else that kept it shut removed, but still next to it.

100 Creepy Things and Events to Encounter Outdoors Sample

100 Creepy Things and Events to Encounter OutdoorsThis is a sample result from an upcoming, and in development, supplement, at the moment provisionally named 100 Creepy Things and Events to Encounter Outdoors.

This supplement is a companion to 100 Creepy Things and Events to Find in a Spooky House, except this one focuses on events that happen away from a house, in both urban areas and in the countryside.

Glade – This clearing will only be found in an otherwise wooded area. There will not be anything immediately obviously wrong with this glade, as areas within forests without trees are not uncommon. However, no reason can be found for the clearing. The tress haven’t been knocked down by an avalanche, or destroyed by a forest fire. The soil is fertile enough that trees could grow in it successfully; if any is taken away, this is done successfully. Conversely, if an otherwise healthy tree is planted in this area, it withers and dies in a matter of days. Nothing will grow here save grass.