No Questions Asked

No Questions AskedNo Questions Asked is an adventure for Cepheus Engine and other role playing games using a 2d6 mechanic, including the Original Science Fiction Role Playing Game.

This adventure is an expansion of one of the hooks in A Baker’s Dozen of Inhabited Worlds, set on the twin planets of Dum and Dee.

The characters are paid to smuggle some cargo to Dum. The inhabitants of Dum are oppressed by those of Dee, and the cargo is a shipment of weapons for a group of rebels on the planet. The authorities are also interested in the shipment, and the rebels themselves may not honour their agreement.

Sixteen pages of the supplement are a full colour 24″x32″ battlemap of the location where the characters are supposed to drop off the cargo that can be printed out.

Released: 13th January 2018 Pages: 24

PDF ($1.99): DriveThruRPG, RPGNow

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