100 Creepy Things and Events to Encounter Outdoors II

100 Creepy Things and Events to Encounter Outdoors IIThis is a list of 100 different things, encounters and events that players could find in the outdoors. The majority of them are suitable for any time period or setting, but some will require a technology of at least the 19th or 20th century. Some of these encounters are most suited to an urban area, some for the countryside and some could be encountered in either.

These encounters may be disturbing for players if they are thought about or considered, although they some may simply be distractions. The horror tends to the supernatural or cosmic rather than gory or slasher.

Whether or not any particular encounter is dangerous, or simply a distraction, is up to the GameMaster.

Here is an example result:

Memorial – This memorial can be found anywhere that would have a memorial to people who have died, perhaps in a war, with a list of names on it, such as those found in villages all across Britain. This will probably be made of stone, and the names carved into it. The player(s) will not recognise any of the names but, if they are paying sufficient attention, they will notice that, between one
visit and the next, one or more names have been added to the list. The new names do not look new; they appear to have been there for as long as all the others, with the same amount of weathering, and nothing suggests that they have been recently carved into the stone.

Released: October 8th 2016 Pages: 26

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