100 Creepy Things and Events to Encounter When Travelling

100 Creepy Things and Events to Encounter When TravellingThis is a list of 100 encounters, things and events that could be come across whilst travelling. Some of the encounters are suitable for any setting, but the majority are most suited for technology levels of at least the latter end of the 19th century or after, as mass transit vehi9cles that are not under characters’ control or fast forms of transport are most suited.

The various encounters are generally more suited to cosmic and supernatural horror, but some are more gory. Some encounters may only be disturbing if players take time to think about them.

Whether or not any particular encounter is actually dangerous is up to the GameMaster, as they may simply be a distraction. The encounters are listed by type.

To use the list, either roll d100 for a random result or select appropriate ones manually.

Here is a sample result:

Footsteps – This is most suited to a multi-passenger form of transport where the roof is out of sight, such as a train, especially one that is underground, or even a plane. What sounds like the
clatter of small feet can be heard running across the roof of the vehicle, even though there may be no room for someone on top of it, or running on top may seem impossible, the latter especially true in a plane.

Released: 7th October 2017 Pages: 27

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