100 Creepy Things and Events to Find in a Spooky House III

100 Creepy Things and Events to Find in a Spooky House IIIThis is a list of 100 encounters, things and events that could be found in a creepy or haunted house. Some of the results require a setting comparable to the 19th or 20th century at least, as they use technology from those eras, but many can be used in any setting and in any time period.

The various encounters tend to be more suitable for cosmic and supernatural horror than slasher and gory horror, although some are suitable for the latter types. Some encounters may only be disturbing if players actually think about, study or investigate them.

It is up to the GameMaster as to whether any particular result is dangerous in any way; they may merely be distracting. The various results are listed by type.

Random results can be chosen by rolling d100 or specific ones can be chosen manually.

Here is a sample result:

Ceiling – When the ceiling of the room is looked at, it gives the impression of receding away from the viewer, as if the walls were stretching. When the walls are looked at though, nothing appears strange about them; they still seem to be the same size. Yet looking at the ceiling makes the player feel that it is receding, possibly to the extent of causing dizziness.

Released: October 15th 2016 Pages: 25

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