100 Doors to Find in a Dungeon

100 Doors to Find in a DungeonDoors are a common component of dungeons, as rooms do need blocking off, but they are often neglected to a degree. Many doors may follow a standard format, if they are described at all, with important doors either being the only ones described or the only ones that differ, making it obvious which doors are important.

Here are 100 different descriptions for doors that can be used to hide special doors by having many more described in detail, or with noticeable traits. If desired, these doors could also be special in some way. Some of the doors are not doors in the standard sense and others no longer fulfil their intended purpose. By mixing some of the descriptions up, or using other materials, the number of descriptions can be increased.

To use the list, either roll d100 for a random result or select appropriate ones manually.

Here are some sample results:

24. This door appears to be made from gold-veined polished white marble, but the marble is actually a thin facing over a wooden core. The marble facing has been fixed to the door with a very strong glue, but the glue has dried out and become brittle with age, meaning that the facing can be pried off if an attempt is made to do so.
25. This silver birch door has been beautifully decorated with marquetry veneers of many different woods on one side. The final design depicted is that of a tall, robed figure, who appears to be a mage, with a proud face and eyes that oddly glint in the light, the last due to mother of pearl inlays being used for the whites of the eyes. The hinges have been hidden under the design
and the wooden ring pull handle has been incorporated into the pattern. The door is a work of art and worth money as such, but removing it and transporting it without damage will be difficult.
26. The plain pine door appears completely normal in every respect. It lacks reinforcement or banding and has simple rectangular iron hinges and a plain black iron pull ring.

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