100 Features and Conditions for Describing Books

100 Features and Conditions for Describing BooksBooks are a common component in many role playing games, and a focal component for some where they play a more important role, such as those based on the works of H. P. Lovecraft. Even in a regular game, whether modern or fantasy, books may be valuable or important sources of knowledge or other clues.

This supplement provides a list of 100 different conditions and features that can be used to describe books. All of them are suitable for a modern setting; some involve book features that wouldn’t be found in older settings, such as dust jackets. The various features may add or reduce a book’s value or utility, or can simply be used to make them stand out by describing unusual features. Books may have multiple different features to them.

To use the list, either roll d100 or select appropriate results manually.

Here are some sample results:

43. Illuminations – Most often seen in old manuscripts, the text is decorated with such as elaborate initials, borders and miniature illustrations. This is often done with precious metals, such as gold and silver.
44. Infested – The book is infested with such as silverfish, which may well have damaged the pages and could spread to other books.
45. Integral Bookmark – The book comes with its own bookmark which is fastened into the spine. The bookmark may be a simple piece of leather or fabric or perhaps something fancier, in older, more expensive books, such as an illuminated strip of vellum.

Released: 17th June 2017 Pages: 8

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