100 Irrelevant Clues to Bamboozle Players

100 Irrelevant Clues to Bamboozle PlayersWhen searching a place, players will often search for clues and hints about something out of the ordinary or that is evidence of something being hidden or changed.

This supplement provides 100 different clues of this type to find, none of which are important (unless the GameMaster decides otherwise) but all of which could be interpreted by the paranoid as being a suggestion of something that is.

Most items on the list will work for any setting whilst some are more modern in theme, requiring such as 20thy century or later technology, although these, too, could be adapted to other settings.

To use the list either roll d100 for a random result or select appropriate ones manually.

Here are some sample results:

25. Clothing – All the clothes in the appropriate furniture in a bedroom have been placed with mathematical precision. All the items of clothing, whether in drawers or on hangers, are placed
parallel to the drawer sides, if appropriate, and precisely the same distance apart, for every item in a particular place.
26. Coat – A coat on a hook is damp and dripping despite the fact that the day is quite dry with no sign of rain.
27. Diary – Several days worth of pages have been torn out of a diary. The missing pages cannot be found.

Released: 22nd April 2017 Pages: 6

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