100 More Events for a Modern Street

100 More Events for a Modern StreetWhen on a street in a modern setting, there are going to be people and events other than those involving characters. Here are 100 different encounters and events, from small to large, that could be seen on a modern street, primarily from the late 20th century onwards.

These events can be used simply as scene dressing to make a location come to life. They can be used to hide important events amongst ordinary ones. The events themselves may actually be out of the ordinary, or they could simply be used to make players think that they are, to help inspire paranoia.

To use the list, either roll d100 for a random result or select appropriate ones manually.

Here are some sample results:

48. Landscaping – One or more maintenance men seated on ride on lawnmowers are cutting the grass beside the road or between the carriageways.
49. Learner Driver – A lorry with a trailer with learner signs on it is carefully driving past some parked cars.
50. People – A bachelorette or hen party whose members are drunk, dressed in pink, holding dubious inflatable toys and wearing L-plates and sashes bearing messages such as “Bride to Be” is
staggering up the street making a lot of noise.

Released: 27th May 2017 Pages: 7

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