100 Random Oracular Pronouncements

100 Random Oracular PronouncementsPlayers may on occasion come across cryptic pronouncements from such as oracles or divination spells, or perhaps find such in old books and tomes. Sometimes these may be important; on other occasions, they may be misleading.

Here are 100 different short oracular pronouncements that players could find or hear. GMs can use these as adventure hooks or as misdirection to throw players off the scent. They could even be used as genuine clues, if some match up with an actual adventure.

To use the list, either roll d100 for a random result or select appropriate ones manually.

58. Pray not to gods of the sky while you are deep in the earth. The wrong ears may hear, and tempt you down paths you never intended.
59. Tie a silver bell to your wrist when you sleep. The sound will wake you when a nightmare tries to ride you away.
60. Your eyes and ears will play tricks in the caverns. Until you can touch something, do not trust that it is real.

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