100 Rumours to Hear in a Town or Village

100 Rumours to Hear in a Town or VillagePlayers will often ask around to get information from NPCs, whether this be the simple man on the street or the local at the pub. Sometimes the information will be useful; other times it may not.

This lists 100 different rumours suitable for villages and towns, although not so much for cities, in a fantasy setting. These can be used as a source of misinformation to hide what is truly important, or a GM can flesh them out more and use some of them as adventure hooks. Some rumours may be true, some may be false, and some may be caused by misinterpreting a situation.

To use the list either roll d100 for a random result or select appropriate ones manually.

Here are some sample results:

56. Saran is trying to marry his daughter off, but he’s not having much luck. She’s pushing thirty now and as ugly as sin – Saran is going to have to give a hefty dowry if he ever wants to see her married.
57. Several people by the river claimed they saw a dead horse and other wreckage floating down it yesterday.
58. Silash has got one field where nothing ever grows properly. It’s got good drainage and light and the soil seems fine, but whatever he plants there tends to wither and die. It’s said that ages ago a battle was fought there. Perhaps it’s tainted the soil in some way.

Reviews for 100 Rumours to Hear in a Town or Village

“…a great book if the charceters are visiting a strange location.”

sdonohue (7/10)

Released: 20th May 2017 Pages: 8

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