100 Sights and Sounds to See and Hear after a Battle

100 Sights and Sounds to See and Hear after a BattleThis supplement provides various bits of flavour for characters to see and hear after a medieval battle. This can be in the immediate aftermath of the battle, whilst the victors and defeated are dealing with the effects, or a few days or so afterwards,.

The majority of the results are suitable for any type of non-gunpowder medieval battle but some will require the use of magic in order to explain the effects. Some results are potentially dangerous, including encounters with dangerous individuals, and some of the descriptions may be a bit graphic for younger players.

To use the list, either roll d100 for a random result or select appropriate ones manually.

Here are some sample results:

37. A wild dog with its snout buried inside the stomach of a dead soldier lifts its bloody muzzle from out of the corpse and snarls as you approach, scraps of flesh dangling from its mouth.
38. A group of drunken soldiers are standing around an open oaken barrel filled with beer. They are dipping leather jacks into the barrel and swigging from them whilst roaring out bloody, and extremely out of tune, battle songs.
39. A small encampment full of unarmed dead men, women and children show where one force’s camp followers and support personnel were overrun and slaughtered by the enemy.

Released: 19th August 2017 Pages: 10

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