100 Water Sources and Features to Find in a Dungeon

100 Water Sources and Features to Find in a DungeonDungeons are a staple of fantasy settings and in these, as well as other locations, water, and other liquids, or often found. The water sources may be a source of good, drinkable water, or they may be hazardous.

This supplement lists 100 different water features and sources that could be found in a dungeon. These range from small to large, from portable to fixed and from natural to man-made. Some of the features are definitely odd and are magical in some way; others are more normal. These features may be hazardous – some are definitely so – or they may be perfectly normal. Even if players believe otherwise.  Suggestions are also given that can be used to customise some of the features.

To use the list, either roll d100 for a random result or select appropriate ones manually.

Here are some sample results:

55. Pit – A ragged-edged pit with earth sides appears to have a bottom 10’ below floor level, although the visible bottom is actually murky-looking water from which a foul smell emanates. (There is 3’ of stagnant water in the bottom of the pit; the water could be hiding spikes.)
56. Pitcher – A terracotta pitcher has been coated with a clear varnish, which is beaded with tiny droplets of moisture. (The pitcher is half full of cold water.)
57. Pond – A decorative pond in the shape of a broad S is set into the floor, the edges of the pond strengthened by roughly-shaped stone flags. Water lilies dot the water’s surface, inhabited by many croaking frogs, and koi carp can be seen swimming in the water.

Released: 30th December 2017 Pages: 12

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