100 Zombie Encounters for the Zombie Apocalypse

100 Zombie Encounters for the Zombie ApocalypseBoth during the initial onset of the zombie apocalypse, and after it has destroyed much of the planet, players will, naturally enough, encounter zombies. Instead of just having a bunch of zombie ambling, or running, for the speedy types, down the street towards players, this is a list of 100 more interesting encounters for them to have.

Some of these zombies can appear by surprise, be damaged, or apparently be trapped, but players who think that they are therefore not a threat may get a nasty shock if they are careless. Even half a zombie can still be dangerous, and should still be treated as a threat. Each encounter has its location, plus details of the encountered zombie, or zombies. Some of these encounters may be unexpected.

To use the list, either roll d100 for a random result or choose appropriate ones manually.

Here is a sample result:

33. Escalator – At the top or bottom of this jammed escalator, a zombie has been caught by its clothing, which has trapped them. If approached too closely, the now-damaged clothing finally gives
way with a tear of fabric, freeing the zombie.

Released: 11th March 2017 Pages: 10

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