“I’m Back!” – 25 Reasons for a Villain’s Survival

"I'm Back!" - 25 Reasons for a Villain's SurvivalAfter an epic quest or battle, the characters have finally defeated the villain. But are they really dead? In certain genres, especially superhero, defeated villains are never truly defeated, but almost always return in one form or another, to need defeating again.

This supplement provides 25 different ways that a villain (or possibly a hero) could have survived what appeared to be certain death (complete with obligatory boast). Some of the ways may require a degree of retcon, as they reveal previously unknown abilities.

Here is an example result:

Don’t Throw Me Into the Briar Patch

“You thought you had left me to drown, but I was Born in the Water!”

This applies to a villain who has been left to die in a normally fatal environment, such as underwater without breathing gear, in the vacuum of space without a spacesuit or immersed in molten rock. The villain in this case has a natural immunity to this environment; perhaps because of where they were born. As a result, they were able to survive an otherwise fatal situation.

Released: 14th January 2017 Pages: 8

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