Four More Template Sets Purchased

With the Christmas in July Sale ongoing at RPGNow (and the rest of the related sites of course), I’ve reinvested some earnings into four more of Lord Zsezse Works’s excellent template sets.

Magic Template SetThese are some I had been planning to buy for some time. The sets are Dark Section, Magic, Space and Wild West.

All the sets but Dark Section have covers, backs and paper in four different designs and two different sizes. Dark Section only has covers and papers, but it seems likely that, at some point, it will also be updated with backs (it’s the oldest of the four sets and, whilst newer sets are published with backs, the older sets weren’t, but are being updated with them).

Of the four template sets, only the Wild West has an immediate use – there’s a supplement already finished to use for it. The Magic set has one supplement with the text close to being finished, and some more in development, and the Space set has at least two in progress works. Only Dark Section doesn’t have a definite, immediate, use, but it may be used with the Cthulhu-related supplement.

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