A Baker’s Dozen of Dungeon Rooms III

A Baker’s Dozen of Dungeon Rooms IIIClassic dungeons and megadungeons are full of rooms. Even in commercially produced dungeons, especially Old School or Old School Revival, many rooms are left empty for the GameMaster to flesh out.

This supplement provides thirteen different rooms that can be dropped into such dungeons. These range in size from a simple staircase to a crevasse. The rooms are all described in a generic format so that they can be used with any system. Each room is described in detail, with threats and potential threats, as well as some items and treasure that can be found.

Simply drop a room in where appropriate; if the described dimensions don’t fit, tweak them so that they do.

Here is an example room:

Lava Cave: This limestone cave unusually has a pit of lava in it, suggesting that something is not right.

Released: 16th December 2017 Pages: 10

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