100 (And More) British- Inspired Pub Names

100 (And More) British- Inspired Pub NamesTaverns, inns and pubs are places commonly visited by players, so should a GameMaster need to come up with a name for one quickly, or simply need help in designing an urban area, this supplement can be of use.

There are two separate tables. The Main Table has 100 different pub names listed, all with explanations and some with variants listed. There are also some notes on customising the names. The Suffix Table has five different common suffixes used in drinking establishments, and explanations as to how they are normally used. All the pub names are British inspired.

To use the table either roll d100 for a random result from the Main Table, or pick one manually. Then, if desired select one of the options in the Notes or roll d5 on the Suffix Table.

Here is a sample result from the Main Table:

88   Unicorn   Many pubs are named after mythical creatures that, in a fantasy game, are not mythical. Other creatures include Gryphon, or Griffin. Sometimes a colour will be added to the name, such as Black, Silver or White.

Released: June 20th 2015 Pages: 12

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