100 (And More) British-Inspired Street Names

100 (And More) British-Inspired Street NamesShould the GameMaster suddenly need to come up with a street or road name in an urban area, or need to come up with names for streets in advance, this supplement can help.

There are two separate tables. The Main Table has 100 different street names listed, some with explanations and variants that can be used. The Suffix table has 20 different street types that can be used to alter the names from the Main Table.  All the street names are inspired by British name.

To use the table, either roll d100 for a result from the Main Table, or select one manually, then, if desired, select one of the options from the Notes or roll d20 on the Suffix Table.

Here is a sample from the Main Table:

44   King Street   As well as King, other royal and noble titles can be used such as Queen, Prince, Duke, Earl, Marquis, Baron and Lord. These are only likely to be used in a country that has or had a noble class. They could also be named after a specific noble.

Released: September 5th 2014 Pages: 6

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