100 (And More) Male Breton First Names

100 (And More) Male Breton First NamesThis supplement is designed to help GameMasters come up with suitable names for male non-player characters, or for players to use for their own characters.

The supplement list a base 100 Breton names that can be used for characters. Some have alternate spellings, increasing the total number of names available. The meanings of the names, if known, are also provided.

The names are from the Breton language, a Gaelic language native to the Brittany region of France.

To use the table, either roll d100 to select a random result, or choose suitable results manually.

Here is a sample result from the table:

37. Eozen Meaning: Rich or prosperous. Alternatives: Eozenn, Eozennig, Euzen

Released: January 16th 2016 Pages: 6

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