100 (And More) Male Manx First Names

100 (And More) Male Manx First NamesComing up with names for non-player characters or even players can sometimes be a bit of trouble for GameMasters. This supplement provides a list of names that can be used for male characters.

The table contains 100 base names, with meanings if known, together with alternate spellings for some of them, resulting in ore than 100 different possible results.

The names are from the Manx Gaelic language native to the Isle of Man, between Britain and Ireland.

To use the table, either roll d100 to generate a random result, or select one manually.

Here is a sample result from the table:

74. Murchad. Meaning: Sea warrior, sea director or sea expert. Alternative:  Murcard

Released: June 27th 2015 Pages: 6

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