100 (And More) Male Pictish First Names

100 (And More) Male Pictish First NamesThis supplement provides a base list of 100 names that GameMasters can use for both player and non-player characters.

The table contains 100 base names, with alternatives if known, giving more than 100 possible results.

The names are from the Pictish language that was spoken by the Picts who lived in the equivalent of northern and central modern-day Scotland. Pictish may, or may not, be a Gaelic language, and the meanings of the words has been lost.

To use the table roll either d100 to get a random result or select a preferred result manually.

Here is a sample result from the table:

48. Gartnait Alternatives: Gartnaich, Gartnaith

Released: July 4th 2015 Pages: 5

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