100 (And More) Medieval English Surnames

100 (And More) Medieval English SurnamesThis is a list of 100 different English surnames from when they first started appearing in the medieval period. Many of the names have multiple possible alternatives, due to a huge range of differences in spelling. These names can be used for both player and non-player characters, in any English-themed setting from the medieval period onwards.

Originally, most surnames had meaning, relating to such as a person’s occupation, location and characteristics. A short table of suffixes is also provided that can be added onto words to create more variations.

To use the table, either roll d100 for a random result or choose appropriate ones manually.

Here is a sample result from the table:

90 Tanner Occupational for a tanner of animal skins and hides, from tannin or from the Old English tannere. Alternatives: le Tannour,

Released: 5th November 2016 Pages: 15

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