Fantasy Beer Name Generator

Fantasy Beer Name GeneratorWith taverns being a popular staple of fantasy settings, this generator provides a series of tables for a GameMaster to come up with unusual names for the beers that could be served there, and the taste as well, if desired. Although described as a fantasy beer name generator, this will work equally well for such as modern microbrews.

There are seven different primary tables, having from eight to thirty different results. The beer’s name can be created by by rolling on a minimum of two of these. There are two supplementary tables, each with thirty results, for rolling for the taste.

To use the generator, roll on two to seven of the primary tables then on none to two of the supplementary, or choose appropriate results manually.

An example result would be:

Gardener’s Pale Silver Drop of the Ocean Pig Stout, which has malty flavour and rye tones.

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Stephen Y. (five stars)

Released: 17th September 2016 Pages: 7

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