Pompous Title Generator

Pompous Title GeneratorMany rulers like to give themselves additional titles, beyond the simple and bland titles such as “King” or “Queen.” Some of these titles incorporate a strong amount of pomposity; the amount is usually greater for those rulers who deserve it the least. This supplement provides a way of creating such suitably self-important titles. These titles may be used in fantasy settings, but are appropriate to many, including post-apocalyptic and futuristic.

There are four tables in all, having from 30 to 100 results. At least two titles should be used to create a title, and all four for more pompous results. Repeated use of the tables can create increased degrees of pomposity.

To generate a name, roll on at least two tables, or select appropriate results manually, adding filler words as required, such as “His” and “Her.”

An example result would be, using all four tables, one of them twice:

His Lustrous Resplendence, the Towering Dignity of the Elements

Released: 4th March 2017 Pages: 6

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