100 Bits of Miscellaneous Tat to Find (PFRPG)

100 Bits of Miscellaneous Tat to Find (PFRPG)The items in this list are not entirely tat, because they mostly do have value, they are just not worth very much. This list provides items suitable for the sort of player who wants to loot everything in sight, no matter how low value it is, or to fill up the pockets and packs of bodies found or killed, or to litter houses and other buildings with.

All the items are fairly common and all are worth under 1 gp. They often have use, although perhaps not always to players, and conceivably if a player gets enough of them they could make a noticeable amount of money. Such would require good pack animals or extradimensional storage though.

The supplement is also available in a system neutral version. Both copies are not needed.

Here are some sample results:

35. Castanets: A pair of wooden shells attached by an adjustable rope, these instruments are played in a set. They often accompany a dancer, though there are some who dance and play at once, ensuring they always have music when they want to perform. Weight: -;,Cost: 9 cp
36. Trail Dye: Used by trackers, explorers, and survivalists to mark the trails they’ve come down, a single bottle of this dye can be used for 50 markings. The dye is bright, reflective, and many trackers create individual sigils so those who see their marks know who came that way. A mark typically lasts for a month before fading away if not removed. Weight: 1 pound per bottle, Cost: 1 sp
37. Prayer Box: A small, wooden box with a deity’s holy symbol inscribed on it, this box will easily fit into the side pocket of a backpack. A lever on the lid reveals a mesh-covered hole, and the bearer whispers their prayers into the box. When they find a church or shrine dedicated to their god, the box is opened inside, allowing the weight of the prayers to empty. There are legends of enchanted boxes that enhance a connection to the divine, for those who have been chosen to carry a god’s blessing. Weight: 1 pound, Cost: 7 sp

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