A Baker’s Dozen of Witch Hexes

A Baker's Dozen of Witch HexesThis supplement details a baker’s dozen, or thirteen, new hexes for the Witch class that was introduced in the Pathfinder Rolepleying Game’s Advanced Player’s Guide. Hexes are magic tricks unrelated to spellcasting that witches can use to help themselves or allies, or to hinder opponents.

The thirteen new hexes are all of the standard level and provideĀ  a range of abilities that can be used both inside and outside of combat, to harm and manipulate opponents and to improve their own abilities.

Here is a sample hex:

Maker’s Curse: The target of the hex suffers a penalty of -5 to Craft checks.

Released: 25th February 2017 Pages: 6

PDF ($1.25): DriveThruRPG, RPGNow