100 People to Encounter on a Victorian Street

100 People to Encounter on a Victorian StreetOn a street there will be many people that players will encounter who may or may not be important. This is a list of 100 different people that could be met on a Victorian street, especially in London. The encounters can be used for a historical game or others set in that time period, including steampunk and horror.

Each encounter has their name, suitable fro the time period, age, sex and occupation listed, with old names used for occupations where applicable, and explanations of what they are. Some also have other minor details on appearance and behaviour or what they are currently doing. The people can be used to simply flesh out the street, or perhaps to worry players about who they are. Most are at the younger end of the scale, due to the very poor life expectancy in Victorian cities, especially at the lower end of the social scale where most of these individuals are located, with a few middle class. The individuals are not upper class, nobility or from the professional classes, largely being working class or tradesmen.

To use the table, either roll d100 for a random result or select appropriate ones manually.

Here are some sample results:

50. Hazel Mast – Female, 22 years old, she works as a flower girl and has fresh flowers with her. Attractive, she is also willing to supplement her income by providing intimate companionship to
good-looking wealthy gentlemen.
51. Helen Devitt – Female, 24 years old, a chambermaid who works at an inn and is tired of getting propositioned by men who expert more than their room cleaning.
52. Henry Martin – Male, 14 years old, a pot boy, he works in a public house collecting dirty pots and doing general menial tasks.

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