Image Collection

Image CollectionThis is a collection of images that can be used for both personal and commercial projects. There are twenty-one different images in the collection, although there are only fifteen different items – some items have several images.

The majority of the images have been used in our own projects. Some of those that haven’t are where there are more than one variation on an image, and only one was actually used. The unused images have been included anyway. Attribution is not required but is appreciated. The images may be changed, recoloured, resized, cut or otherwise modified, but they cannot be resold as a stock art pack, modified or unmodified.

These images are all based on photographs that have been tweaked and filtered to look more like illustrations. The images are in TIFF format at 300 dpi resolution. All except one measure 1500 pixels in the largest dimension. They are most suited for the fantasy genre.

Released: 19th December 2015 Images: 21

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Here are products using images from this collection:

Cleric Domain – Community/Potion Master

Knights and Nobles