100 Books on Cryptozoology to Find on a Bookshelf

100 Books on Cryptozoology to Find on a BookshelfThis is a list of 100 genuine books, including authors and a brief summary of the book’s specifics, on the subject of cryptozoology.

The books are in the majority suited for a modern campaign, as most of them were published in the late 20th century or early 21st.

The books cover cryptozoological animals, and hominds, such as sea and lake serpents, Sasquatch and Yeti, the giant cats reportedly seen in some countries and the possibility of still-extant dinosaurs.

To use the book, simply roll d100 to determine a random result or, alternatively, choose an appropriate book manually.

Here are some sample results:

33. In Search of Prehistoric Survivors: Do Giant ‘Extinct’ Creatures Still Exist? by Karl P. N. Shuker (Examines the possibility that prehistoric creatures may still survive, even if they haven’t been officially discovered as yet)
34. In Search Of The Kushtaka: Alaska’s Other Bigfoot The Land-Otter Man of the Tlingit Indians by Dennis Walker (The Kushtaka are legendary shape shifters with supernatural powers)
35. In the Wake of Bernard Heuvelmans by Michael A. Woodley (Examines Heuvelmans’s classification of sea monsters and relates it to new discoveries in palaeontology and ichthyology)

Released: May 16th 2015 Pages: 6

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