100 Books on Serial Killers to Find on a Bookshelf

100 Books on Serial Killers to Find on a BookshelfThis is a list of 100 genuine books on serial killers that could be found on a bookshelf. The authors are listed as are the year of publication and some details on the serial killers in question. The majority of the books are on specific serial killers but some are collections.

These books could be found on a shelf belonging to individuals with an interest in serial killers, from law enforcement and other professionals to true crime fans to groupies to, most disturbingly, wannabees.

The entries describe details of the crimes that the killers committed. Due to the disturbing nature of these this has been filtered for adults only.

Here is a sample result:

63. The A to Z Encyclopedia of Serial Killers by Harold Schechter and David Everitt (2006, not only covers the serial killers themselves and their crimes, but also related material such as their influence on culture and how they are influenced by it, groupies and how the killers hide or are caught)

Released: 21st October 2017 Pages: 15

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