100 Detailed Items to Find in an Occultist’s Chambers

100 Detailed Items to Find in an Occultist's ChambersThis is a detailed list of 100 items that could be found in an occultist’s chambers. Rather than being a list of general items, each entry specifically details an item that could be found.

The items are suitable for most settings, but they are best suited for 19th century or later, due to the elements of modern ritual magic and paganism. In particular, there is a strong Celtic edge to many of the items listed, although other disciples are also covered.

Random results can be chosen from the list by rolling d100, or specific ones can be chosen manually.

An example result is:

Chalice – A green resin chalice around 7″ tall by 4″ in diameter with an removable inset metal cup and carved with leaves and images of the Maiden, Mother and Crone.

Released: December 26th 2015 Pages: 5

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