100 Geek Toys to Find in a Geek’s Space

100 Geek Toys to Find in a Geek's SpaceThis modern list of items has 100 things that could be found in a geek or techie toy lover’s space, whether this is a laboratory, office or home.

Most of the items rely on a power source to function, whether rechargeable or a computer, but some are solar powered. Despite being toys, many of these items are potentially useful, as they are remotely operated or have built-in cameras. These could be useful after an apocalyptic event.

Either roll d100 to choose an item randomly, or select suitable ones manually.

Some example results are:

55. Phone Gloves (USB-rechargeable Bluetooth gloves with a built in microphone, speaker and touchscreen capabilities)
56. Plushies (Plush toys in the shape of superheroes and characters from franchises such as Star Wars and Star Trek, possibly battery powered and talking)
57. Power Bank (Smartphone-sized USB-rechargeable battery pack that will hold enough power to recharge a smartphone several times, can be turned off when not used)

Released: January 9th 2016 Pages: 6

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