100 Illusionist Items to Find

100 Illusionist Items to FindThis is a list of 100 different illusionist items that could be found by players, whether during a normal investigation or whilst looting a place.

This is a modern list of items, and illusionist in this case refers to the modern profession that can also be called stage magic. These are therefore trick items and distractions, not genuine magical ones. Some of them will be of limited use; others have more practical uses, especially as distractions.

To use the list, either roll d100 for a random result or select appropriate ones manually.

Some sample results are:

45. Hand Flasher (Hidden wind up device that produces electrical sparks)
46. Handgun (Small calibre gun, probably a revolver, possibly a replica, as well as bullets, real and wax, and blanks, for use in the bullet catch trick)
47. Harness (Underbody harness to which wires can be attached)

Released: 19th March 2016 Pages: 4

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