100 Improvised Weapons to Find During a Zombie Apocalypse

100 Improvised Weapons to Find During a Zombie ApocalypseDuring the outbreak of a zombie apocalypse, or even afterwards when players are struggling to survive, it isn’t always possible for players to obtain weapons to use against zombies that are specifically intended to be used as weapons, especially if guns are hard to come by. Instead, they may have to use whatever is nearest to hand.

This generic supplement covers 100 different weapons that could be readily found by players. It considers just how effective each weapon is likely to be against zombies that are only vulnerable to cranial injury, how dangerous they may be to wield, just how much punishment a weapon can take, whether there are any other problems with each weapon and the types of places where they might be found.

These can then be used to give an idea at just how effective a player will be at defending themselves using what is at hand.

An example weapon is:

2. Aerosol Can – The contents of many aerosols are flammable, and can be lit, but this will require an ignition source, such as a lighter. It is possible to light them to make an improvised flamethrower, although one that has a chance of exploding. The flames produced also won’t kill the zombie instantly, or even quickly, they will simply set it on fire, assuming that it’s dry enough to be flammable, which can result in the flaming zombie spreading the flames around the area, and becoming a hazard to everyone.
Locations: Suitable aerosols can be found in homes and many different types of shops, and can also be found in personal belongings such as bags of all types.

Released: 13th December 2015 Pages: 34

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