100 Less Than Useful Books to Find on a Steampunk Bookshelf

100 Less Than Useful Books to Find on a Steampunk BookshelfPlayers can often come across shelves of books in libraries, the homes of the wise and learned, or the wealthy, or simply for sale in shops. Some of these books may be useful or needed; others, not so much. So what about the others?

This is a list of 100 different books that can be used to stock the shelves in a steampunk setting. Each book has its name, author and a general description of its contents provided. None of them are particularly useful but players can be given an overview of the books they have found – and, having them described, may lead them to believe that the books are actually useful.

The books include a selection of fiction and non-fiction, including works on exploration, steam power, clockwork and airships. They may have a small, intrinsic value, bit not a very large one, as books in a steampunk setting tend to be cheaper to produce.

To use the list, either roll d100 for a random result or choose suitable ones manually.

Here are some sample results:

22. Civilised Warfare: How a True Gentleman Comports Himself in Battle by Sir Julian Aristo-Higgledy – Non-fiction, a rulebook for civilised warfare, something that the enemy is unlikely to
follow and is therefore potentially dangerous to use
23. Clockwork Gunship by Ichabod Drundle – Fiction, a story about an armed airship run entirely by clockwork with no living crew
24. Clockwork Winding for Beginners by Hilbert Sneckle – Non-fiction, a rather long-winded explanation on how to wind clockwork mechanisms

Released: 21st January 2017 Pages: 8

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