100 Military Surplus Items to Find

100 Military Surplus Items to FindThis is a modern list of military surplus items that could be found by players. These could be found in places used by the military, in army surplus shops or in places where people who purchase items from such shops could be found.

None of the items are weapons; instead, they are combat clothing, equipment, supplies and food items that are used by the military. Most of them are useful in one degree or another, for use in combat or for surviving outdoors. They may be used or unused genuine military surplus, or similar items manufactured for civilian use,  which may or may not have been made to military specifications.

To use the table, roll d100 for a random result or choose appropriate ones manually.

Some sample results are:

34. Food Bars (Individually packaged bars of concentrated food, such as cereals, nuts and chocolate)
35. Gaitors (Protective items worn over shoes and the lower trouser leg, in different colours such as woodland camouflage and olive green)
36. GoreTex Jacket (Waterproof and breathable GoreTex jacket with fold away hood and chest pockets, in woodland, desert, arctic or universal camouflage, or plain colours such as blue for navy and air force use)

Released: 16th April 2016 Pages: 4

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