100 More Things to Find in a Do-It-Yourself Shop

100 More Things to Find in a Do-It-Yourself ShopThis is a modern list of 100 more things, with some possible variations, that could be found in do-it-yourself shops, builder’s merchants and similar places where the items would be sold or used.

These may be looted following an apocalyptic event, zombie or otherwise, or simply used to flesh out a location during a normal adventure. DIY shops are full of improvised weapons, useful supplies and potentially lethal items and chemicals.

To use the list, either roll d100 to select a random result or choose appropriate ones manually.

Some sample results are:

57. Outside Tap (Brass exterior tap, possibly including an insulated tap cover)
58. Paddle Mixer (Mixer on a steel shaft around 0.5m long, suitable for using in an electric drill, used to mix cement and plaster)
59. Padlocks (Of different sizes, from small to large, some tamper-resistant, most key operated with keys, some with combination locks)

Released: 28th May 2016 Pages: 4

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