100 Pieces of Equipment to Find in a Kitchen

100 Pieces of Equipment to Find in a KitchenThis is a modern list, although some things can be used in earlier settings, of items that could be found in a kitchen. There are 100 base items on the list, as well as some variations.

These may be found by players looting or searching a kitchen, whether private or commercial. Many of the things can be used in both; the difference is mostly that commercial equipment is larger, does more at once, and is less decorative.

Some items will make good improvised weapons. Others can be useful in other ways. The things listed are kitchen equipment, not food.

To use the list, roll d100 to select a random result or choose appropriate ones manually.

Some sample results are:

47. Loaf Tins (Metal, usually rectangular, moulds for baking loaves)
48. Mandoline (Handheld slicer, with plastic or metal frame, for thinly slicing vegetables, with spare blades)
49. Meat Slicer (Electric meat slicer with a rotating circular blade)

Released: 10th October 2015 Pages: 4

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