100 Spam Emails to Find

100 Spam Emails to FindIn a modern or futuristic setting where computers are commonplace items, at some point in an adventure that requires investigation, players are quite likely to be searching the contents of a computer to see what they can find on it. Or they may be looking through their own.

As well as any useful information, one thing that is also very common is spam emails. This supplement lists 100 different emails for them to discover, with the title of the email – often misspelled – and an overview of the contents. If players decide to visit sites linked to from these emails, or open attachments, they deserve whatever happens.

Although not an adult product, there are references to more mature items. The wording isn’t necessarily explicit, but some results may not be suitable for children.

To use the list, either roll d100 for a random result or choose appropriate ones manually.

Here are some sample emails:

27. FW: NEPWO09809476 – The email claims that they wish to order from the unnamed recipient’s company and that the attached files should be read to see the products and quantities needed.
28. Get Paid to Process Emails recommends this site – Claims that the linked site is recommended by a friend and that $25 can be earned from each processed email.
29. Gompels Healthcare Ltd Invoice – The email says to see the attached pdf for the invoice, but there is no attachment.

Released: 11th February 2017 Pages: 7

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