100 Things to Find at Halloween

100 Things to Find at HalloweenThis is a list of 100 different things, including some variations, that could be found at Halloween – or other appropriate time. The list is mostly a modern list, but some items can be used in historical or fantasy settings without any problems, and others could be used by altering the artificial materials they are made from to more natural ones, or replacing electronics with magic or machinery such as clockwork.

These could be found in or decorating a house during Halloween. The items may be quite mundane, but they could also become rather more horrific, by substituting real things for fake ones – fake skulls could become real, bloody ones – or by having them possessed by evil spirits.

To use the list, either roll d100 or select appropriate results manually.

Some sample results are:

33. Eyeballs (Fake plastic or rubber eyeballs)
34. Face Makeup (Skin makeup in suitable colours including black, orange, green, blood, grey and anything else suitable for horror characters)
35. Fangs (Plastic fake vampire fangs)

Released: 17th October 2015 Pages: 5

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