100 Things to Find by the Side of the Road

100 Things to Find by the Side of the RoadThis modern list has 100 different items, with some possible alternatives, that could be found by players by the side of the road.

These could be found whether simply looking for clues beside a road, or whilst looking after a zombie apocalypse. Some of the items have use, others definitely don’t, whilst some may be potentially useful

To use the list, roll d100 to select a random result, or choose appropriate ones manually.

Some sample results are:

41. Furniture (Such as sofas and chairs, probably water damaged, may have vermin)
42. Garbage Bags (Tied rubbish bags full of dumped waste)
43. Glass (Broken pieces of glass, such as windscreen safety glass, or from a light cluster, which is probably plastic)

Released: 28th November 2015 Pages: 3

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