100 Things to Find in a Craft Shop

100 Things to Find in a Craft ShopThis is a modern list of items that could be found in a craft shop, or alternatively in any place where crafts are done, including homes and schools. This could be found during an investigation, or looted following an apocalypse.

The craft items cover a range of different types, including some related to preparing food. Some may be useful, others not so much, it largely depends on how creative players are.

Roll d100 to select a random result, or choose appropriate ones manually.

Some sample results are:

55. Mount (Cardboard picture mount, for use with a frame, in different sizes and colours, such as black, white and ivory, and different types, including single and multiple aperture)
56. Pad (Writing and drawing pads with different thicknesses of paper, from light tracing to thin card, and in different sizes, from A5 to A1)
57. Paint (Oil and acrylic paints in tubes, watercolour pain in blocks, of different colours)

Released: January 23rd 2016 Pages: 4

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