100 Things to Find in a Forensics Lab or on a CSI

100 Things to Find in a Forensics Lab or on a CSIThis is a modern list of items that could be found in a forensics or crime lab, or in the possession of a CSI on a crime scene. Some of the equipment is too large to be used outside of a lab, as well as being mains powered, whilst other items are definitely portable.

These items can be used to flesh out a crime scene or furnish a forensics lab that the players encounter, or alternatively they could be post-apocalyptic loot.

To choose an item, either roll d100 to get a random result or select appropriate ones manually.

Some example results are:

23. Cuticle Stick (Small, pointed, individually wrapped sticks)
24. Desk Magnifier (A large magnifying glass on an angle poise stand with a built-in fluorescent lamp)
25. Digital Camera (High megapixel camera with flash and possibly with infrared and ultraviolet capability)

Released: January 2nd 2016 Pages: 5

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