100 Things to Find in a Garden Shed

100 Things to Find in a Garden ShedThis is a modern item list of 100 different things, and some results have more than one item listed, that could be found in a garden shed, or other outbuilding.

Full of often lethal chemicals and improvised weapons, sheds are often protected by nothing more than a simple padlock. A great source of useful items in a zombie apocalypse.

To use the list, roll d100 to select a random item, or choose a result manually.

Some sample results are:

84. Sledgehammer (With a several foot long, wooden handle and a metal head)
85. Slug Pellets (In canisters)
86. Snow Shovel (Lightweight wide plastic shovel, with a plastic or wooden handle)

Released: 5th September 2015 Pages: 3

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