100 Things to Find in a Modern Office

100 Things to Find in a Modern OfficeThis list has 100 base items, although some of the results have more than one possible item listed, that could be found in a modern office, whether in or on a desk, or in other places around the office in a modern setting.

These could be looted after a zombie apocalypse, or simply found during an investigation. Some may be useful; others are simply clutter.

Either roll d100 to select a random result, or choose a preferred item manually.

Some possible results are:

56. Office Toys (Executive toys such as fake aquariums, mechanical banks, Newton’s cradle, novelty lighters and paperweights, plasma globes, perpetual pendulums, pin art and puzzles)
57. Overhead Projector (Projects an image of documents placed on it onto a wall)
58. Packaging Tape (Rolls of brown, or transparent plastic tape, used for wrapping parcels, 50mm wide)

Released: 22nd August 2015 Pages: 4

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