100 Things to Find in a Pet Store

100 Things to Find in a Pet StoreThis is a modern list of 100 different items, with occasional variations, that could be found by players in a pet store, whether whilst looting it or simply searching.

Some of these items may be useful; others may not. Cat and dog related items are the most common, but other animals and reptiles also feature. It doesn’t include live animals of any type.

To use the list, either roll d100 to select a random result, or choose appropriate ones manually.

Some sample results are:

54. GPS Pet Tracker (Waterproof and damage resistant GPS tracker that attaches to a collar, can be tracked with a smartphone or computer)
55. Grit (Or crushed oyster shells, in packets, for using as bird supplements or cage floors)
56. Hamster Ball (Clear plastic ball with an opening for hamsters and other small furries)

Released: 3rd October 2015 Pages: 4

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