100 Things to Find in a Survivalist’s Retreat

100 Things to Find in a Survivalist’s RetreatSurvivalism is not simply about defence, it is about surviving in the face of societal problems or complete breakdown, whether this is caused by a zombie or nuclear apocalypse or something completely different, so players looting a survivalist’s retreat, whether this is a simple bunker in a suburban house to a complete facility in the wilds, will find a lot more items than simply guns and ammunition.

Items present cover such things as food, growing and preserving food, energy generation and transport, wilderness survival tools, carpentry equipment and healthcare, as well as guns and their maintenance.

Items can be chosen randomly, by rolling d100, or suitable results selected manually.

Here are some example results:

55. Gun Cleaning Kit (With supplies)
56. Herbs and Spices (Containers of various different herbs and spices for cooking)
57. Hydroelectric Power Generator (Powered by an underground or over ground water source)

Released: April 25th 2015 Pages: 3

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